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You deserve a new kitchen that reflects you.

You’ve worked hard all these years in a kitchen that’s “done the trick”, but is just never been practical or a delight to work in. Let’s get together and plan your functional, new kitchen renovation with a stylish, modern look.

At GOFORTH Kitchens in Kyneton, we promise…

Full Registered Builders

Fully Registered

Your new kitchen upgrade will be in safe hands! We take care of everything.

Insured & Guaranteed

Insured & Guaranteed

Your kitchen renovation will be stress-free, insured and guaranteed for 6 years.

Fixed Price Kitchen

Fixed Price

Your new kitchen will be completed at a guaranteed fixed price. No surprises.

Kitchens in Kyneton are our passion!

You’ve ‘made-do’ with THAT kitchen for till now. Isn’t this the perfect time to invest in a modern, fresh look and feel, from a new kitchen you can be proud of.

We’re Registered Builders in Kyneton, kitchen upgrades are what we do! Let’s work together to design your new kitchen to give you a sense of what it will look like, almost a new home!

Because your new kitchen will be created inside your family space, we appreciate it can be a bit stressful but promise to get in and done as fast as possible with a minimum of inconvenience, without compromising quality.

You will benefit greatly from our New Kitchen Upgrade Plan. Basically, we take care of everything. That means you don’t have to worry about arranging the cabinets or the accessories or scheduling the tradies needed to complete your kitchen remodeling. We do the lot, from start to finish. That’s our guarantee. And you get a fixed, locked-in price before we start with the least amount of interruption to family life.

To make this happen, let’s get together for an onsite inspection at your Kyneton home.

GUARANTEES to ensure your project is stress-free

1: We give you an absolute fixed price for the whole project, not one more cent to pay
2: As registered builders, every aspecet of your project is fully insured
3: Quality, cleanliness and timeliness; we don’t rest until you’re 100% happy with your new kitchen.

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