Most houses in Bendigo use either wooden or concrete stumps as a foundation to support the structure that sits above the ground.

The stumps are vulnerable to rotting, deterioration, and cracks. When the wear and tear affect the foundation, the house becomes an unsafe and unstable structure to live in. Restumping is the process where our experts fix any issues with the foundation by bolstering it with new stumps.

Restumping or reblocking involves replacing existing stumps that act as foundations for your home. Over time, stumps are prone to cracking and breaking, which may present themselves as doors that don’t hang correctly, large cracks in the walls or uneven floors. It’s important to replace damaged stumps to ensure the structural integrity of your home.

Over a period of time, any physical structure develops cracks and other signs of wear and tear in its foundations. Since the foundation is one of the most important structural features of a building, any issues found in it should be fixed immediately. And if the structure is a home, then the foundation needs to be restumped without any further delay.

Many contractors only worry about getting through your job as fast as possible. They don’t take the time or effort to make sure that your domestic restumping is the proper way, preventing future problems from arising and keeping your home safe and secure.

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